Nature’sField Magnesium 500mg


Nature’sField High Potency Magnesium 500mg provides many benefits such as promoting healthy heart function and bone health, supporting healthy blood sugar levels, reducing anxiety symptoms, improving sleep quality, and reducing migraines associated with insomnia. 

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Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a key role in numerous bodily functions such as the production of protein, bones, and DNA. It also helps with muscle and nerve function, supporting the immune system and promoting cardiovascular health. 

Nature’sField Magnesium 500mg is a rich source of elemental Magnesium. Certain conditions can make the Magnesium levels in your body deplete such as poor diet, diabetes, kidney problems, etc and taking this supplement is a great way to replenish Magnesium levels in your body.  This mineral is also used to relieve other health concerns like migraines, insomnia, anxiety, and muscle cramps. 


The following people will benefit from using Magnesium;

  • If you have migraines and sleeping difficulties. 
  • Individuals that need to relieve constipation.
  • You want to improve your mood and promote relaxation. 
  • People that always come down with nocturnal muscle cramps at night. 


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