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Fertil Support Man from Nature’s Field is a dietary supplement that promotes sperms production,  quality, and motility. It also helps increase sperm counts.

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Fertil Support Man from Nature’s Field is a dietary supplement that promotes sperm production, quality, and motility. It also help to increase sperm count. You can take this supplement for as long as needed to improve sperm quality, sperm count or conceive a child. While some men may experience result earlier, you may need to use it continuously for at least three to four months for the best result. Nature’s Field Fertil Support Man is the best men’s fertility supplement. It provides a holistic approach to male reproductive health. It provides 100% recommended daily allowance of key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for oligospermia, low sperm motility and abnormal sperm morphology. This food supplement promotes sperm production naturally.

Causes of Infertility in Men

Male infertility refers to a man’s inability to cause pregnancy in a fertile woman after frequent, unprotected sexual intercourse for a year or longer. You have an infertility issue if you have low sperm count, motility and normal morphology. You need a good men’s fertility supplement to help restore your fertility. The main cause of infertility in men include;
-Genital tract obstruction
-Testicular failure
-Genetic conditions
– Infections
-Low sperm count
-Hormonal dysfunction
-immunological conditions
-Ejaculatory/sexual dysfunction
-Cancer and systemic diseases
-Low levels of testosterone
-Not taking foods that promotes sperm production naturally

How Fertil Support Man boost fertility in Men

Nature’s Field Fertil Support Man contains selected vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts that boost men’s fertility;
Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium: Improves the quality of your semen.
Copper, Chromium, Iodine and Vitamin D:
Micro-nutrients improves sperm DNA quality in older men.
Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Selenium: These Antioxidants improves sperm count and motility.
-Selenium contributes to the morphology of sperm.
-Zinc: Sperm formulation and testosterone metabolism
Maca: Maca increases sperm count and motility because it contains Zinc, calcium, and B vitamins.
L- carnitine tartrate: L-Carnitine in sperm carries fatty acids into the sperm mitochondria and assist with the production of energy.
Yacon root extract: Yacon contains naturally occurring nutrients that stimulate the growth and activity of probiotics.
Asian Ginseng root extract: Asian Ginseng support healthy sex drive, erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance in men.

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2 capsules daily

14 reviews for Fertil Support Man

  1. Asemwota

    Can this treat zero sperm count in men. How long do I need to take it. Please send details to my e-mail.

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      It is a supplement. You continue taking it until your situation improves. Start with 3 packs

  2. Tosin

    Hello Nature field, please I was recommended to take your product SPERMBOOM for low sperm count in which I did but no changes , then I was later told to use Fertil support man and maca together like 3 months , please how through is this? I have 6ml count can this really work for me as my permanent solution? Cuz I’ve used Addyzoa, Ehanze, and some series of injections and drugs but no changes, so that’s why I wanna try this Fertil support man and maca for the 3 months , so how effective it is? Or do you have any other product that can work faster than Fertil support man and maca? And again should I abstain from sex throughout the 3months when taking the medicine? My last question is that there is also a supplement called fertility for men ,is it the same thing the fertility for men and Fertil support man or which on is the best out of the two so I can purchase it with the maca.
    Please I really need an urgent response cuz I wanna other this product from you immediately even if it is right now I get your response..
    Awaiting your quick response

    Though I give this one rating but will come back here to give it 5 rating after testifying to your product I pray it works for me.

    Please your response is urgently needed

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      Dear Tosin, we do NOT give any product called “Spermboom’. Our Fertility product for men is called FERTIL SUPPORT MAN. It is the best fertility product you can find. It is very effective as we have so many testimonials about this product. If you problem is low sperm counts and fertility-related problems alone and you don’t have an infection, use FERTI SUPPORT MAN and you will be okay.

  3. Sola

    Goodday naturesfieldng, do you have any drug that treats recurring staph infection?

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      No sir

  4. Nobert

    Someone recommended tongra for erection problem and I have taken it but no effect in me so what else can I take?

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      We have 5 different sexual health products with their unique uses. You need to describe your issue so we can recommend the best supplement for you. Send us an email to info@naturesfieldng.com

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      Describe your situation so we can recommend what you need. Send it to info@naturesfieldng.com

  5. Idris Mohammed julde

    I ret your product as the best

  6. mercy john

    Please I want you to priscrb the best products for my husband’s Case.
    1) low sperm count, poor motility and morphology.
    2) pre-mature enjaculation.
    First time to buy your products and hoping for good results ????????

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      Your husband will get good results. Get him our FERTIL SUPPORT WOMAN and Men’s Zone. He should take 2 capsules of Fertil Support in the morning and 2 capsules of Men’s Zone every night.

  7. Ayodeji Ademua

    Pls how can I get fertil support man in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria? What is the cost implication?

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      We deliver to all locations including Akure. Delivery fee is N2,000

  8. Steve

    I can’t see any reviews regarding this fertil support for man, show me where the reviews are.

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      The reviews are there

  9. Sunday Omar

    What is your best product solution to Pre mature ejaculation? I need urgent reply, please . My rating is subject to change hence I am new here.

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      For Pre-mature ejaculation, use Adam’s Desire

  10. Sunday Omar

    What’s the cause of semen flowing out from vagina after ejaculation. I have done semen analysis, it’s 89.5mil but for months now my wife is yet to conceive .What could be the problem? Which of your products will be of a great help to us?

  11. vitals

    I got these your products, Fertil support man, Adam’s Desire, Selenium. Our case: quick ejaculation, wife not being to conceive though semen analysis is said to be Normalspermia. How can I use these supplements for best results? Do I still need vitamin E?

  12. Wahab

    Do you have products for long time infection?

    • naturesfieldng (verified owner)

      No sir

  13. Oselokelim

    Hello Nature’s Field!

    I am 50yrs, and I am experiencing Weak Erection.

    And I also have High Blood Pressure.

    Adam’s Desire and Men’s Zone, which one is suitable for for my age and Hypertensive Petient like me.


    • naturesfieldadmin

      Sir, Men’s zone is recommended for you. Thank you

  14. Mrs Olapeju

    I bought fertil support men and Tongra for my husband, for performance as well as low sperm count. can he used the two together, while me am on fertil for woman

    • naturesfieldadmin

      Thank you for contacting us Ma. Yes, he can use the two supplements but not at the same time. He can take fertil support Men in the morning and Tongra in the evening. Please note that Tongra is recommended for men below 50 years and without any underlying medical conditions like diabetes. Thank you

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