The Best Type of Ginseng You Should Start Taking!

When you think of ginseng, what comes to mind? Do you know there are different varieties of ginseng? You might think of ginseng as a mysterious root that looks like ginger (if you’ve seen it before). However, this powerful herb has a well-deserved place in traditional medicine and Korean culture for a variety of reasons. As its versatility is largely unknown, we’ll explore the outstanding benefits in this article.

There are different types of ginseng. These include American ginseng, Indian ginseng, Korean ginseng, Siberian ginseng, and Scandinavian ginseng. However, not all ginseng is created equal. That is to say, a variety of ginseng stands out amongst the rest because it has been discovered to confer incredible benefits you might not have known before! This type of ginseng is called Korean ginseng.

What Is Korean Ginseng?

Korean ginseng is a type of ginseng also known as Asian or Panax Ginseng. It is known to have the most potent health benefits because of the increased concentration of active compounds called ginsenosides. It also contains a wide range of therapeutic compounds that nourish both your body and mind.

What Is So Special About Korean Ginseng?

Here are some extraordinary benefits of Korean Ginseng:

  • Positive effect on the brain: Korean ginseng helps improve memory, focus, concentration, and retention. Thanks to its bioactive compounds like ginsenosides and compound K, it contributes to brain development and mental performance and reduces cognitive decline.
  • Increases energy level and helps with weight loss: Ginseng is an appetite suppressant, so it will help you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Also, Korean ginseng improves blood circulation and reduces fatigue, enabling you to tackle your daily activities with renewed energy.
  • Improves health conditions: The main reason why Korean ginseng is effective for improving different medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, etc. is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This counteracts the inflammatory response and reduces chronic inflammation, which is the underlying cause of many illnesses.
  • Skin rejuvenation and improved libido: Korean ginseng helps you discover healthy skin that emanates from within. Furthermore, because Korean ginseng helps improve blood flow, this is not good news for your heart alone. This is also beneficial for erectile dysfunction and libido.
  • Potent antibacterial activity: The most remarkable and surprising benefit of Korean ginseng is the fact that it exerts potent antibacterial activity against specific pathogens. It also plays a protective role against bacterial-induced inflammation with immunomodulatory effects.

It is clear that Korean ginseng provides holistic support with minimal detrimental effects. You can easily incorporate ginseng into your diet by supplementing with Nature’sField Korean Ginseng and discovering the transformative benefits of renewed physical vitality, improved cognitive function, and overall wellbeing.

Nature’sField Korean Ginseng is your best mate, as it can alleviate many illnesses in addition to the above benefits. Let this extraordinary plant be your guide to renewed wellness.

What deserves more attention; your beauty or your health?

While surfing the web, you see a lot of information on what people should buy to look more youthful, to age gracefully, to get the perfect body, to slay in outfits, etc. You see some really convincing ads.  These can make your inner self interrupt your thoughts and advise you to try some out. You are further convinced with the self-reassuring phrase “what do you have to lose if you try this?” Before you know it, you are spending what you didn’t anticipate on buying different things. These can include skin care products, makeup brands, human hair, waist trainers, etc. Does all this sound familiar to you? Well, you are not alone. 

While it is a great thing to take care of your appearance or as they say “not look like Nigeria’s problem is on your head”, you should also reflect on these questions; 

· What would happen if I paid as much attention to my internal health as I do to my appearance?

· When was the last time I did a complete medical check-up?

· When last did I check for or notice unusual changes in my body? 

· Have I ever given my internal body “a treat”? 

 Oftentimes, we treat ourselves to some body pampering. This also includes buying something new you’ve been saving up for, or even go on vacation to relax. It is perfectly normal to do these things. However, you should also give your internal health a treat. This means cleaning out your internal organs, strengthening your immunity (believe me, our immune system is often overlooked but works hard 247), ensuring you are getting the essential nutrients in your body, etc. 


We all (or most of us) enjoy a well-prepared plate of Jollof rice and chicken, various soups with swallow, etc. The unfortunate fact is that most of these regular foods don’t have all the nutrients we need. The standard Nigerian diet is full of starch, fats and rich in carbohydrates. Unfortunately, these foods lack the essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants which you need to prevent chronic diseases and run all body systems effectively. Did you know that some drugs you take can deplete the nutrients in your body? Just another reason to start taking supplements!

Having this in mind, you need to carefully consider the benefits of nutritional supplements. These benefits include improved cognitive ability, clearer vision, boosting of the immune system, providing essential nutrients for everyone including pregnant women, etc. 

You can see the benefits of these supplements by trying them today. There is no better way to do that than starting your supplement journey with NATURE’S FIELD top quality brand of nutritional supplements, designed to offer you an unforgettable experience and give your body the care it needs. 

So, next time, don’t just think about maintaining your outward appearance, also think of maintaining your health. You do this by ensuring that you are getting all the nutrients you need to avoid diseases. Supplementation is not just about giving yourself a treat; it is also about experiencing how wonderful you will feel when you are healthy on the inside and the outside. You will experience all this and more with NATURE’S FIELD brand of nutritional supplements.  

Myths you shouldn’t believe about how to detox the body

I’m sure you must have gone online and seen different articles on if you should or shouldn’t detoxify your body and you may be confused about what to believe. However, there are some myths that you shouldn’t believe about how to detox your body  which can cause more harm than good. These myths include;


    Detox diets are popular strategies that claim to facilitate weight loss and toxin elimination. One thing you should ask yourself is if it is sustainable. Truth is, you may succeed in losing weight from a detox diet but you don’t lose fat. This implies that detoxifying rids your body of muscle mass and water weight but you will most likely go back to your normal size once you go off the diet. There is nothing wrong with going on a diet but you shouldn’t overdo it so you don’t develop health problems.


    You should know that laxatives are medications that work by helping the body to seep out liquid from the intestinal walls, hence, making feces softer and easier to pass. Laxatives cannot flush out waste products no matter how much you use them.


    It is nice to believe that this could be possible but it isn’t. If you overindulge too often, there is no type of detoxification that can remedy the damage. You can feel somewhat relieved and healthy after undergoing detox but the fact is that most people do not have a sustainable strategy in place, so they revert to old and unhealthy eating patterns. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect detoxification to work wonders for your body if you don’t make any effort to modify your lifestyle, especially your eating and drinking habits.


    The main role of sweat is regulating the body temperature, not excretion. The liver and kidneys are the main organs that break down and filter harmful substances. Sweating reduces excess body heat but does not remove toxins from your body. Detoxifying the skin is more about what you can do to your skin surface to protect your skin from the external environment and not remove what is already inside. This is because toxins cannot exit the body through the skin.



There is no disputing the fact that the body naturally removes toxins on its own. However, one thing you should be aware of is the fact that your body’s ability to remove toxins can be severely influenced by your diet, exercise habits, and other lifestyle choices. In other words, if there is no moderation in your diet (when you are not concerned about what you put into your body), or you live a sedentary life, chances are that your liver will be working overtime to keep up and can eventually start to wear out if care is not taken. If the liver, which is your major detoxifying asset, has problems, then you might have issues with detoxifying. This is where NATURE’S FIELD Toxiflush comes in! This product contains a blend of natural plant extracts designed to help your boy get rid of toxins, pollutants, and chemicals.

Two important things you should know about NATURE’S FIELD Toxiflush;

  • Toxiflush is an amazing detoxifier for the body with the highest quality ingredients from the purest sources.
  • This product contains dandelion root and turmeric root powder which have specific functions of relieving constipation and detoxifying the blood respectively. You cannot go wrong with choosing a supplement that offers all these additional benefits! This is one natural and guaranteed way how you can detox your body

Although detoxifying may have gotten a bad reputation as a form of self-punishment for overindulgence.  If done well, it can be a loving ritual of self-care; a means of slowing down and checking in with yourself. Detoxifying helps significantly with annoying symptoms such as achy joints and muscles, headaches, acne, migraines, etc. Detox can be a solution to these problems. You might imagine that you need to drink some strange concoction and starve yourself to death but this won’t be the case if you decide to detoxify with NATURE’S FIELD Toxiflush. Using this product is a unique way of making your health a top priority so you can feel the joy of this season and even beyond!

6 Surprising causes of sagging breasts that you are not aware of!

The first result you see once you do an online check on the causes of breast ptosis or sagging breasts at a young age is breastfeeding or childbirth. However, there are some unusual causes you may consider normal which can contribute to the development of sagging breasts. It is beneficial to have more knowledge about your body and that is exactly why you should know the following causes of sagging breast;

  1. Crash dieting:

    Although we encourage weight loss especially since it is a risk factor for a myriad of disease conditions, you should be careful while dieting to lose weight. This is because constantly gaining and losing of weight tend to make the breast tissue lose its elasticity and start to droop. The goal therefore is to avoid rapid weight gain and aim for gradual weight loss.

  2. Smoking:

    So, this bad habit is not only bad for your lungs but for your skin too! You would probably wonder how on earth smoking can be a cause of breast sagging at a young age. Well, you should know that smoking breaks down a protein in the skin called elastin which as the name implies, gives your skin that youthful appearance and supports the breast. This is one more reason to quit smoking.

  3. Deficiency in Vitamin C and Vitamin B:

    Unhealthy diet can affect your skin in several ways especially when you consume foods lacking in Vitamin C and Vitamin B. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant needed to make collagen. Thus, the less vitamin C you get, the less collagen and elastin are produced to support your skin and the higher the chances for the breasts to sag. Also, vitamin B is essential for your body to build supportive elastic tissues. Therefore, since Vitamin C and Vitamin B can be assessed from different food, the best option is to eat a healthy and adequate diet.

  4. Rapid weaning and breast involution:

    When you stop breast feeding, the breast tissue responsible for milk production will bounce back, but the skin around the breast may not. So, women that immediately stop breastfeeding (rapid weaning) have a higher tendency to develop sagging breasts. Breast involution on the other hand means when your breasts return to the way they used to be before you got pregnant. It usually takes six months but can vary. You should therefore make weaning super slow and wear a good supportive bra right from your first trimester of pregnancy. This will considerably reduce the chances of developing sagging breasts.

  5. Menopause:

    Age and genetics play a role in skin elasticity. However, the main hormone that settles virtually everything in women, estrogen, is mainly responsible for elasticity of the skin. Hence, estrogen deficiency during menopause results in skin changes and speeds up skin aging. The skin becomes thinner with less collagen, decreased elasticity and increased wrinkling. Good news! Check out the link below to read more on menopause and learn new things you might need.


  6. Wearing bra all the time:

    Yes, you read that right! This might be contrary to popular belief especially for women who have larger breast than average. However, wearing a bra all the time weakens the muscles that hold up the breasts resulting in breast sagging.


The truth is, eventually, gravity gets us all no matter the size of your breast unfortunately. However, there are things you can do to delay breast sagging for as long as possible. These remedies include regular healthy diet, wearing a good sports bra while exercising especially running, being constantly hydrated and taking a top-quality and highly effective supplement such as Nature’s Field MAXIBUST. This product contains natural constituents designed to restore sagging breasts gradually and helps you achieve a firmer, perky and fuller-looking breast.

Also, you don’t have to fret over your physique so much because even fashion models have insecurities in terms of how they look. Remember you are beautiful just the way you are and a little help from Nature’s Field MAXIBUST will make the difference!

Foods to avoid when you have fibroids

If you are wondering how to shrink your fibroids naturally, a healthy lifestyle is the first step. This does not necessarily mean that the fibroids will stop growing. Apart from the obvious health benefits of a healthy diet, avoiding certain foods; classified as worst foods for fibroids, can significantly relieve your symptoms and make you feel much better while living with fibroids. This is because your diet has a direct influence on your hormone levels which is why you should be careful of what you consume. 

The following are some of the foods you should avoid when you have fibroids and why;

  • High-fat, processed meat:

    Processed meat is meat that has been preserved by smoking, drying, and canning. You may be tempted to buy it due to its ease of storage and availability. However, you should limit the amount of processed meat you consume. This is because red, processed meat is known to be high in hormones, especially estrogen. Also, the high-fat content of this meat can lead to inflammation which can worsen your symptoms.

  • Saturated fat and fried food:

    You should avoid foods that are high in saturated fat if you have fibroids. Such foods include; sausage, egg yolk, pastries, burgers and cookies. These tend to raise estrogen levels which allow fibroids to grow.


  • Caffeinated beverages or drinks: 

    I am sure you must have heard that caffeine is bad for pregnant women. Guess what! It is also bad for for you if you fibroids. Normally, caffeine is broken down by the liver using an enzyme called CYP1A2. Also, the liver makes use of this CYP1A2 enzyme in the breakdown of estrogen. Excessive intake of caffeine can induce mutation in the CYP1A2 gene which controls the production of the CYP1A2 enzyme. Therefore, this ultimately means that less of the enzyme is produced. Hence, your estrogen level is not controlled which aggravates your fibroid. 

  Other foods in this worst foods for fibroids category include;

  • Highly salted foods: 

    You should limit the amount of salt you use in your food. This is because these highly salted foods affect your liver which is involved in the breakdown of toxins and balancing hormones.


  • Soy: 

    This includes soybeans, milk, or foods made from soy. Soy contains phytoestrogens which are plant estrogens that occur naturally in plants. These phytoestrogens mimic estrogens in the body. When there is estrogen already present in the body, it causes a build-up of excess estrogen which is not good for your fibroids. Since fibroids thrive in the presence of estrogen, fibroid growth increases.


  • Diary products: 

    This may be one of the hardest things to avoid since we all love milk (well, most of us). However, the hormones in dairy products, especially estrogen contribute to the growth of fibroids. Therefore, you should reduce the intake or opt for other milk sources such as almond milk.



Here are some amazing strategies to consider to avoid feeding your fibroids;

  • Read nutrition labels thoroughly:

    You should check anything you eat or buy to know what it contains and if you should eat avoid it. This is a crucial step because products in supermarkets can be sometimes vague especially when food advertisers are trying to get consumers.


  • Stay hydrated:

    Ensure you drink plenty of water as this helps you to curb your appetite and indulge in excessive intake of junk food. You should also incorporate more raw foods such as fruits, veggies, and nuts in your diet. This is a healthier alternative that also helps to control your appetite. 


  • Use a highly recommended fibroid-reducing supplement: 

    This seems to be an obvious strategy but there is more to it. You should also check for a supplement that contains naturally-made ingredients that can reduce the size of your fibroids without affecting your fertility. A perfect fit for you is Nature’s Field Fibromed . This supplement is uniquely made with proteolytic enzymes, antioxidants, and non-proteolytic constituents that work together to help reduce your fibroids gradually without stress.


  • Plan:

    Be proactive and prepare a list of food items you like and also fit into your fibroid diet. Also, note down your food triggers and look for healthier alternatives. It may not be easy to be consistent with this, but it is okay. Don’t be afraid to extend yourself some grace but make the effort. 

Like everything else, your diet can help you reduce the size of your fibroids. Even if you indulge, bear in mind that moderation is key. Eating healthy will not only help reduce the size of your fibroids but will help with your overall health. You have the information now, trust yourself and go for Nature’s Field Fibromed and you will notice the difference. 

Tips for living with stress in Lagos

Dealing with stress can be challenging but not insurmountable. You don’t have to suffer because you feel stressed. Stress is a part of our modern-day life and it is also the number one killer and a risk factor for developing health conditions hence, these stress management techniques.

Lagos is popularly associated with intense stress ranging from the never-ending traffic jam and huge workload to escalating price of virtually everything. Ways to keep stress levels in check is a serious matter many people seek answers to. So, if you have ever wondered how to keep your stress levels in check while living in Lagos, you are not alone and we have compiled some tips for you.

Well, you can follow these stress management techniques to reduce your stress levels with ease;

  1. Find time to do what you love:

     Amid your busy life, you should try and create time to do what you enjoy. Try and do something that makes you feel good. You can choose from a variety of things like reading, watching silly movies, playing games, or even spending quality time with your friends. This helps to reduce your stress levels in amazing ways. 

  2. Simplify your schedule: 

    Whether you are a working mom with a million things to do or a father supporting his family, you should endeavor to simplify your schedule as much as possible and remember you can only do what you can do in a day and don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Develop a habit of planning your activities daily and remember to be kind to yourself even if you don’t complete your tasks.

  3. Exercise:

    Any form of physical activity is a great relief and a real mood booster. This is because exercise enables your body to release endorphins and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers also referred to as “happy chemicals”. You don’t have to be an athlete or gym guru to exercise, any activity that makes you move around will do, such as taking a stroll, using the stairs instead of an elevator, etc. 

  4. Sleep in on weekends:

    Although this may not be convenient for people that work during the weekends, however, whenever you know your weekend will be work-free, use it to rest well. This stress management technique is particularly important if you find yourself working late, waking up early, and only able to get in less than 5 hours of sleep on weeknights. You can bring the average up by sleeping in on weekends.


  5. Go for the easy way out and try Nature’s Field Stress Defence:

    Coming back after a stressful day and you just want to relax but due to some situations beyond your control, the sleep you crave is impossible. Go for Nature’s Field Stress Defence and find the calmness you need. This product also contains melatonin which is a renowned natural sleep aid and other naturally-sourced constituents that reduce stress both at the physical and cellular levels.

  6. Try to be positive:

     This might be challenging when you consider certain difficult situations but always ask yourself, will worrying make it go away? Therefore, always look for the positives in life and don’t fret over things you can’t change.


  7. Eat a balanced diet:

    Do you notice that you get angry unnecessarily sometimes and then when you eat well, you wonder why you were angry in the first place? You can be in a bad mood due to a lack of proper nutrition and this can cause an increase in your stress levels. Therefore, eating a regular, well-balanced diet will help you feel better in general and control your moods. Don’t skip out on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins. Even if you are on a diet, you can control the portion of what you eat but not remove essential foods entirely.


  8. Watch something hilarious:

    This has an amazing stress relief effect on your body. This can be by watching your favorite comedy skits on YouTube or comedy videos that just make you laugh genuinely. 

  9. Talk about your problems:

    I’m sure you must be wondering how this technique can help with stress management. If things are bothering you, talking about them to a trusted friend or your partner can help considerably lower your stress. You can also distract yourself by talking to your friends about their lives or what happened around you that you feel is worth sharing.


  10. Talking to yourself: 

    While this may sound crazy, talking to yourself can help you solve your problems, think clearly, and reduce stress. You can even let off some steam by talking yourself through it especially if you don’t feel like talking to anyone.


Being chronically stressed can have a severe impact on your health. Therefore, consider following these tips with extra help from Nature’s Field Stress Defence and watch it work wonders on your stress levels. 

7 Shocking weight loss beliefs that are not true!

Have you tried all the home weight loss tips you’ve seen and heard about and still no success results? You seem to be doing everything right but you still don’t notice a difference. Well, here are shocking beliefs that may be deterring you form achieving your ultimate weight loss goal;


1. Starving yourself excessively:

It is a popular home weight loss tip that once you can starve yourself or undergo some strict dieting plan, you’ll be able to lose weight quickly. Realistically, this type of extreme diet usually rebounds in a lot of people. This implies that most people tend to stick to their diet and once they manage to get to their target weight, they resume their unhealthy eating habit and gain back the weight.

2. All carbs and fat make you add weight:

You must’ve heard that you need to avoid carbs and fats like a plague to achieve weight loss. What you may not know is that not all carbohydrates and fats are the same. There is something called refined carbs which is found in foods such as breads and sweets which can trigger weight gain. However, there is another group called complex carbs seen in sweet potatoes and beans which can help you slim down. The same goes for fats in foods such as butter can cause weight gain while fats in avocados, olive oil, fish referred to as healthy fats can assist you to shed weight. Therefore, you should be mindful of the types of foods you should and shouldn’t consume.

3. Being thin = healthy:

We may see slender and thin people as a perfect picture of health but is that really true? Thin people can develop a condition called metabolic syndrome. This is a cluster of markers such as stomach fat, hormonal imbalance, unusual high cholesterol which predisposes them to experience diabetes, heart disease, etc. While being slim is often desirable, it doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Hence, it shouldn’t be used as a standard to measure health. Therefore, you shouldn’t set unrealistic weight loss goals for yourself or fantasize about looking as thin as a fashion model. Instead, thrive to be in good health.

4. I am naturally prone to be fat, therefore I accept no change is possible:

Although being thin doesn’t mean great health, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make attempts to shed a few pounds. Obesity is a risk factor for a myriad of health conditions. This doesn’t in any way imply that you should be ashamed of your body. Rather, it doesn’t seem right to accept your body as it is or to be resigned to the state you’re in. You should challenge your body and push it to improve. You may not have immediate results, but taking better care of your body will give you a sense of achievement and relief from health-related concerns.

Others include;

5. Eating late makes you fat:

It is not about when you eat, but what you eat. Weight loss is dictated by the type and amount of food you eat relative to your metabolic rate (how many calories you burn daily). The fact is, when you eat less calories than you burn, you lose weight.

6. Weight loss supplements work like magic:

What you need to understand is that weight loss pills do not work magic.  You need to put in the work while taking it. This means that if you regularly eat huge portions of food, don’t exercise at all and snack on all the unhealthy junk food you can find and think a pill would magically work instantly is an unrealistic expectation. However, top quality weight loss supplement like Nature’s Field Sureslim fatburner contains garcinia cambogia as a major constituent.  This helps you curb your appetite, reduce visceral fat and control cravings. It is an effective additional help to achieve your weight loss goal but you also have to put in the work!

7. Sleeping less means I burn more calories:

Lack of sleep stimulates a hormone called ghrelin which increases your appetite. It also lowers leptin which tells you when you are full. This means that in addition to eating more, the food you eat doesn’t satisfy you. Also, you move less when you’re tired due to lack of sleep and hence, less motivated to exercise.

There is a lot of information regarding weight loss that you may get confused on what to believe. As women get older, it can be more difficult to lose weight especially after childbirth. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Rather, ensure you eat well and exercise no matter how little, reduce your stress levels and live your life to the fullest. Remember to go for Nature’s Field Sureslim Fatburner as an additional help to achieve your desired weight and reduce the risk of obesity-associated health conditions.

Can antibiotics “cure”everything?

Do you have a habit of buying different drugs just in case and keep in your drug cabinet at home? (We all have that) . While this is not an unusual practice, however, there is a common misconception without knowing how antibiotics work, that antibiotics can do everything and this is not true. This misconception is continually increasing the rate of antibiotic resistant for people with serious conditions that really need it. Therefore, you should be aware of what antibiotics can and cannot do and avoid the abuse and indiscriminate use of antibiotics.


Antibiotics are medications that treat infections caused by bacteria in humans or animals. They do this either by eliminating the bacteria or preventing its growth and multiplication. You should note that antibiotics do not work on viral infections. Hence, you shouldn’t take antibiotics when you have runny nose or “think” you’re sick.

In order not to worry if antibiotics will work or not, why not prevent getting sick entirely? This is where dietary supplements come in. These supplements have a lot of incredible benefits which include but not limited to the following;


    It is no secret that a lot of Nigerians do not eat as healthy as they should. As a result, we do not give our bodies the nutrients it needs. However, you should know that taking supplements does not immediately make all your vitamin and mineral deficiencies go away. Rather, you can provide your body with almost every nutrient it needs through the use of supplements. It’s a great reason to start taking supplements now.


    As you start to get older, it is normal that some of your cognitive abilities become impaired. Did you know that there are some supplements that you can take that will reverse this trend? As you will see when you look around for vision health supplements, Nature’s Field brand offers a whole range of supplements that contains special cognitive constituents which can help with your memory and cognitive functions with excellent results.


    Supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids are known to produce positive results for those who might be at risk of developing heart disease. Also, if you already have a heart condition, dietary supplements can help you manage it effectively without frequent hospital visits or worries.


    Older people often begin to lose their sight as a result of conditions like age-related macular degeneration. Things do not have to remain that way. You can conquer eye-related conditions like glaucoma and cataract with supplements that contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin and more in them. These constituents have been shown to benefit those who maintain their eyesight while aging and improve eye-related conditions.


    Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, people all over the world have come to understand the importance of strong immunity and have become more alert when it comes to their health. If you want to make a strong push to get your immune system firing from every corner, then, taking supplements is definitely the answer. You will find yourself getting sick a lot less often once you have these supplements in your system.


    If you have recently discovered you’re pregnant, your doctor will probably recommend some neonatal vitamins to provide you and your baby with the nutrients you need to ensure a healthy pregnancy. But why stop there? You should take advantage of the benefits of other supplements that contain folic acid, vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, DHA etc., that further helps to maintain your pregnancy and help with the brain development for your baby.


As you can see, there is an exhaustive list of the benefits of supplements which you should endeavor to take advantage of. Within a few weeks of taking supplements for the first time, you will definitely notice the difference and will probably make you wonder why you didn’t start taking supplement so much sooner!

Remember to go for Nature’s Field trusted brand of dietary supplements and make a positive difference in your life.

5 mistakes you may be making while taking supplements

 You must’ve seen several ads on different supplements and you’ve finally narrowed down your choices based on reviews and recommendations. However, there are mistakes you may be making while taking your supplements that you might not even be aware of. These mistakes need to avoided. They include;

  • You think one supplement can do everything

    You might have seen different people claiming one particular supplement can cure all sorts of ailments. Have you considered the fact that if that were to be true, there wouldn’t be a need for specialists in teaching hospitals? Or that you usually do a medical test before a doctor prescribes drugs based on your condition? It is possible however to get a multivitamin supplement that promotes your overall health and boosts your immune system but this doesn’t mean the supplement can take care of all your health needs.

  • You only take supplements when you are sick

    People tend to flood their system with supplements when they are down. However, this is not the best way to get the best out of the supplements. This is because taking them regularly fortifies your immunity and helps you prevent infection instead of waiting till you get sick and then taking them. A better strategy is to consider taking a high-quality supplement especially when you are not getting the required nutrients you need from food rather than waiting till you are acutely ill.

  • You take different brands of supplement all at the same time

    At some point, you may think the more the variety of supplements you take, the better for you. This is not always true especially when you take all the different supplements at once without your doctor’s consent. You should ensure you space out your supplements to avoid drug interaction and an over-worked liver. The same thing applies to taking high dosage of supplement because you missed a dose. Unless your doctor advises otherwise, you should follow the recommended dosage on supplement packaging.

  • Mixing your supplement with medications

    Supplements can have interactions with prescribed drugs. A lot of these products comprise of active ingredients that might interfere with other drugs. Hence, supplements might therefore, boost or reduce the effect of prescribed drugs. Therefore, it is important you do not take prescribed drugs and your supplements together.

  • You avoid vitamins because you think the industry is not regulated

    Although it is important to check the ingredients in supplements to know what you are putting into your body, it is not necessary you avoid supplements all together. Some people do not take supplements because they fear the industry is unregulated. However, you may not be aware of the fact that FDA established a set of regulations called current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). This requires manufacturers to evaluate their products through testing, purity, strength and composition. You should also ensure that you go for a trusted brand of supplement with a renowned reputation of delivering quality supplements with reviews. Nature’s Field is a unique brand offering high quality supplements. These supplements have an amazing range of benefits including eye health, immune support, joint improvement, stress relief, sleep aid, etc.


Since everyone is different, we need different things to feel our best. At the end of the day, taking vitamins is an individual choice and it’s best to be informed about making it. Remember that a healthy lifestyle is the backbone to a healthy living. Also, avoiding these common mistakes when taking supplements can improve the efficacy on the long run. Go for Nature’s Field brand of supplements as you deserve the best for your health.

6 Astonishing facts about menopause you never knew before!

Asides the regular known facts, we have put together some astonishing facts for menopause symptoms that you never knew before. Menopause marks the end of the female reproductive years. It is a natural process that involves hormonal and physiological changes. The changes associated with menopause must not be such a dreadful thing you must suffer through. Therefore, having adequate information of what to expect can make the transition simpler.

The following are the 6 astonishing facts you should know for menopause symptoms:

  • Hot flashes and mood swings? It might actually be perimenopause: Perimenopause refers to the time during which your body makes a natural transition to menopause. You may think you are going through menopause when you are actually in perimenopause. Diagnosing Menopause is until you’ve gone 12 months without any period.
  • Pregnancy is still possible: Advances in reproductive technology means it is still possible to become pregnant after menopause. This will usually be with donated eggs or embryos that the individual preserved earlier in life. There may be a higher risk of pregnancy loss, and risks to the woman’s health. This depends on the individual’s age and health status at the time of conception.
  • It is when symptoms usually ends, not begins: there are some misconceptions that menopause occurs when you experience the symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, trouble sleeping, etc. However, after a year of not having a period, these symptoms typically begin to wear off, or may stop. It is the time that precedes menopause (perimenopause) when symptoms are usually at their peak.
  • Menopause means being unable to enjoy a full sex life: In order to maintain and enjoy an active sex life, exercise and follow a healthy diet and go for a dietary supplement which helps improve vaginal lubrication and orgasm for maximum sexual satisfaction. Go for Nature’s Field Eve’s Desire which in addition to enhancing sexual performance, also helps regulate hormonal levels and alleviate menopausal symptoms.

Other facts include;

  • Smoking can lead to early menopause: Women who are heavy or habitual smokers are more likely to experience menopause, on average, 1 to 2 years earlier than women who never smoked.
  • It can lead to osteoporosis: Since estrogen helps control bone loss, during menopause when estrogen levels are low, women tend to lose more bone than is replaced. However, while going for a dietary supplement, ensure it contains ingredients that can help with osteoporosis. Nature’s Field Eve’s Desire has it all! It contains Soy Isoflavones which helps to prevent bone loss.

There are things you can do to make the transition to menopause easier; staying physically active, managing stress, consuming a healthy diet and taking dietary supplement (Nature’s Field Eve’s Desire) . Always remember that menopause is not a disease condition but rather a natural process that every woman goes through at one point in their lives. Therefore, it is important to be well informed to ensure you continue to live a healthy and  happy live.

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