Unusual Causes of Belly Fat in Women

Unusual Causes of Belly Fat in Women

Belly fat could be a challenge for most women as it reduces self-esteem and confidence in a lot of women. The type of fat stress deep inside the belly and wrapped around the organ is the “Visceral Fat”. This fat raises the risks of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. Different methods have made rounds on the internet but we have in this article a number of new ways to lose belly fat.

The fat that may be seen or grabbed with your hands is called subcutaneous fat. This fat stores energy reduces inflammation and helps to supply hormones.


5 Major causes of belly fat in women

  1. Unhealthy Diets:

    Consuming meals high in sugar, high intake of alcohol, and reduced protein consumption can defeat your ability to burn fat resulting in the buildup of excess abdominal fat.

Unhealthy diet


  1. Menopause:

    Weight gain after menopause is common. During puberty, estrogen signals the body to start storing fat in the adipose tissue in preparation for a probable pregnancy. Nevertheless, estrogen level drops as a result woman approaches menopause, giving rise to fat storage around the abdomen instead of the adipose tissues.

Age of Menopause


  1.   Alcohol intake:

    Alcohol intake pays an enormous role in accumulation of belly fat as the excess calories from alcohol consumption is stored as fat and like sugar, alcohol decelerate fat burning and metabolism. Binge drinking on three or more alcoholic beverages regularly has the largest risks.

Excess alcohol intake


  1.  Stress:

    Stress plays a huge role in the accumulation of belly fat and in order to address the issue, you wish to target stress first. Do you know that when you experience stress you release “Cortisol” (called Fight/Flight hormone)? Repeated excess spread of Cortisol could lead to a rise in belly fat storage. “Cortisol allows the body to deploy fat and energy from other parts and directs them to the abdomen, where cortisol can ensure energy is rapidly accessible for other vital organs.



  1. Post pregnancy:

    Post pregnancy causes belly sag and shape change in women. The uterus drops and also the abdominal muscles becomes weak making it sag, hence taking a long time for the muscles to strengthen. This makes the subcutaneous layer of the fat remain at the forefront until the muscle is strengthened.

Post pregnancy


 Easy ways to lose Belly Fat

       Improved diet:

The first on our list of ways to lose belly fat is eating a balanced diet. A balanced diet can improve one’s ability to lose weight easily, and is also likely to have a great effect on their general health. Avoiding foods like sugar, fatty foods, and refined carbohydrates that have low nutritional content should be avoided by people. Instead, they can eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates.

Ways to lose belly fat; Eat Balanced Diet



      Reducing alcohol consumption:

An individual trying to lose excess abdominal fat should keep a check on their alcohol intake. Most alcoholic drinks contain added sugar, which can result to weigh gain.

Ways to lose belly fat; Reduce alcohol intake


       Regular exercise:

Regular exercise is very important to curb and prevent the high risk of serious health issues and weight gain in individuals. Individuals trying to slim down are advised to include exercise in their daily routine.

Ways to lose belly fat



      Use of slimming and fat burning supplements:

The use of fat-burning supplements as one of the ways to lose belly fat can never be overemphasized. They play a crucial role in the reduction of belly fat and general body fat. Fat burner supplements work hand in hand with healthy living and a healthy diet. Natural supplements like Naturesfield SureSlim fat burner helps you get eliminate visceral fats, belly fats, and excess body fats for healthy weight loss. This supplement helps you to control your appetite and decreases between-meal cravings. It aids in calorie burning (thermogenesis) activity and increases energy levels. Naturesfield SureSlim fat burner does not have any side effects.

Ways to lose belly fat; Use Naturesfield Sureslim

Excess belly fat may be harmful because it surrounds internal organs and puts you at greater risk for developing several kinds of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and liver problems. With Naturesfield SureSlim fat burner be sure to get rid of body fat fast and easy with no side effects.

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