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5 urgent signs your fibroids may be growing!

Making use of tablets to shrink fibroid is a preferable alternative to surgery. This is because of the effect surgery can have on fertility. Fibroids are non-cancerous growth in the uterus. Uterine fibroids are more prevalent in black women as they tend to have more severe symptoms. This may be due to the diet, stress, higher rate of obesity or inadequate access to healthcare for early detection. This is why you should know the signs to look out for which implies growth of fibroids. These signs include;

  1. Prolonged menstrual bleeding: Fibroids can put pressure on the lining of the uterus which can cause more bleeding than usual. This is seen mostly in intramural fibroids (fibroids that grow within the middle layer of the uterus). Also, these fibroids can encourage the growth of blood vessels which causes heavier and irregular periods. This is one of the main signs of fibrous growth.
  2. Backache or leg pain: Fibroids can cause pain your back and legs because it squeezes the nerves, veins or arteries in your pelvic region. This squeezing causes pain to disseminate to your hips, legs and lower back. When you have recurrent pain in these areas, it could be a sign of fibroid growth.
  3. Frequent constipation: The uterus is located in front of the distal end of the colon which controls bowel movement and evacuation. Hence, fibroids at the back of the uterus can squeeze the colon from outside which can lead to constipation.

     Other signs include;

      4. Pain during sex: Deep painful intercourse is a tell-tale sign of fibroid growth. This is because if fibroid is growing near the cervix, penetration during sexual intercourse can be painful as well as the friction which can cause discomfort.

      5. An increase in your waist line: Although this is usually associated with weight gain, sometimes a change in your waist line can be a visible sign of fibroid. This is because large uterine fibroid can cause an expansion of your abdomen. However, you still need to talk to your doctor to understand the reason for the change. This is to enable you commence a treatment plan which may include taking tablets to shrink the fibroids at an early stage and making required lifestyle changes.


Remedies recommended for fibroid depends on the type, location and size of fibroids. The following are remedy options for fibroid:

  • Pain medications and birth control pills: This is often the first line of treatment you may likely use to relieve fibroid pain. However, these drugs usually do not shrink fibroids. Rather, it relieves symptoms associated with it.
  • Weight Loss: Obesity and excessive weight are major risk factors of fibroid growth. This is because high amount of estrogen is made by fat cells. Thus, weight loss and proper diet can help prevent or reduce the size of fibroids.


Medications: Some drugs have been recommended for treatment of fibroids such as gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists  and gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonists. GnRH agonists shrink fibroid and reduce anemia. GnRH antagonists suppresses estrogen production. High level of estrogen promotes the growth of fibroids. Unfortunately, these drugs can lead to bone loss with prolonged usage and there is a risk of rapid regrowth of fibroid once you stop taking this medication.

Use of Proteolytic Enzymes: Proteolytic enzymes are remarkable substances that perform a variety of metabolic functions in your body. These enzymes degrade and remove fibrous tissues according to various studies carried out. Consider taking a supplement that contains a blend of these proteolytic enzymes and antioxidants that eliminate the discomfort and pain associated with fibroid. Nature’s Field Fibromed has it all! In addition to proteolytic enzyme blend, this supplement also contain powerful anti-inflammatory constituents such as turmeric, ginger and flaxseed. Wouldn’t it be great getting all this in one product?

Remember, consult your doctor if you have any of the above mentioned symptoms of fibroid growth, no matter how minor you may think it is. This is because early detection is crucial to effective treatment and treatment options are based on the size, location and severity of the fibroid growth.

You should know that surgery is not the only last option for shrinking of fibroid tissues. Therefore, ensure you explore other effective and easier options that will not have effects on your fertility. Purchase supplement from reputable and trusted sources like Nature’s Field and our Fibromed will make a difference in your life.


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