Boost your immune system naturally

3 Guaranteed ways to boost your immune system naturally

It is easy to neglect your immune system as long as you feel well. However, chances are your immune system work round the clock to fight harmful organisms that can make you sick. This is because we come in contact with these pathogenic organisms in our everyday activities. Therefore, it is important that you fortify or better still, boost your immune system naturally as much as possible so you do not lose an invisible internal battle against pathogens.


  • Frequent infections: if you have recurrent ear infections, cough and pneumonia, it can be a sign that your immune system is weak. Also, another sign is when you need to take more than two prescriptions of antibiotics in a year.
  • Intense fatigue: when you feel tired all the time even after a good night sleep and healthy diet, your immune system could be telling you that it needs reinforcement.
  • Frequent muscle and joint aches: When your immune system fights off infection, it produces a lot of monocytes (a type of white blood cell) and inflammatory chemicals. Gradually, as the immune system becomes weaker, inflammation persists and the monocytes decreases in number. When your body reaches a chronic state, the joints are then inflamed with a lot of aches and pain.

 Other signs include;

  • Your wounds heal slowly: The immune system is involved in the wound healing process. Therefore, any disruption in this process implies a weakened immunity.
  • You always have skin problems: Eczema, boils or dry and flaky skin is an indicator of a compromised immune system. This is because your lipids which prevent water from leaving your skin and act as a barrier to irritants are not working properly. Hence, bacteria and fungi easily penetrates the skin causing acne and eczema.
  • You get frequent diarrhoea: Do you find yourself frequently buying drugs at the pharmacy store to stop diarrhoea? This could be a sign of a weak immune system.


  • Start taking a 7-in 1 advanced immune boosting formula: Imagine taking a supplement that contains 7 powerful immune boosting vitamins and natural ingredients just in one tablet! Nature’s Field Immune Defence Advance is a 7-in 1 advanced immune boosting formula which comprises of a perfect blend of natural constituents; Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Selenium, Olive leaf extract, beta-glycan and Elderberry all for your immune support and suitable for Adults.
  • Improvement of lifestyle: living under stressful conditions can induce the production of excess cortisol, the stress hormone. High level of cortisol lowers your ability to fight infection and can elevate your blood pressure. You should therefore consider some lifestyle tweaks such as getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and eating healthy. This helps to boost the immune system naturally as well.
  • Take care of your mental health: According to research, a positive mind-set and mood affects all parts of your body. Positive thoughts reduce stress and inflammation and increase resistance to infections, while negative emotions do the opposite. Therefore, ensure you pay attention to your mental health and talk to someone if you have to.

Finally, …

It is not always easy to let go of your worries as problems seem to increase daily. Nevertheless, always remember that your health is your priority as no one can take care of you like you do. Ensure that in your pursuit to go through daily struggles, you remember to eat a healthy diet, get adequate rest and go for a walk sometimes to clear your head. Also, take Nature’s Field Immune Defence Advance and have your body thank you later.


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