how to shrink fibroid fast

Can birth control pills shrink fibroids?

Have you been surfing the web lately for how to shrink fibroid fast naturally? Our research team have come up with a number of tested and trusted ways to do that and help you end your search.

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that can grow on or around the uterus. They can cause a variety of symptoms such as; heavy bleeding, pain in the pelvis, legs and back, fatigue, anemia, increased and frequent urination. A lot of women do not know that they even have fibroids as the disease can often be asymptomatic.

However, there are concerns about the use of oral contraceptives to treat fibroids. Birth control pills or oral contraceptives can be used to treat the bleeding symptoms and menstrual cramps caused by uterine fibroids. This is because they decrease the production of female hormones and prevent ovulation. Unfortunately, birth control pills do not reduce the size of uterine fibroids but often help to regulate the amount of bleeding and cramping.


  1. Use of Dietary Supplement that contains proteolytic enzymes: Proteolytic enzymes are effective in the treatment of a variety of health problems such as arthritis, abnormal growths and tumors. When it comes to uterine fibroids, proteolytic enzymes help break down and remove excess fibrous tissue, which is what fibroids majorly consists of.

Nature’s Field FibroMed is the best supplement that offers natural treatment for fibroids since it contains a myriad of proteolytic enzymes and antioxidants. That is why this product works so well!

  1. Lifestyle Changes: Lifestyle factors can improve symptoms associated with fibroids such as; regular exercise and eating a healthy diet.

Other remedies include;

  1. Maintain Gut Health: To achieve this, one would need to avoid antibiotics as much as possible. Excessive intake of antibiotics destroy your gut bacteria which interrupts the gut’s ability to properly metabolize your hormones.
  2. Reduce Inflammation: Chronic inflammation as a response to injuries or infections can fuel fibroid growth. This is because it can make your body’s receptors to estrogen more sensitive to estrogen. Therefore, consumption of vegetables can aid reduce inflammation inflammation as well as decrease in the intake of dairy products.

Finally, take action immediately!!

A diagnosis of fibroid means that your daughter is more likely to develop uterine fibroids once she hits puberty. I believe that you would do anything to prevent your daughter from going through health issues associated with fibroids. The pain, heavy bleeding, backaches, etc. I know every mother would.

In that case, take action once you are diagnosed today. Go for Nature’s Field Fibromed , take your health into your own hands and make a difference!


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