Symptoms & Harmful effects of toxins

Harmful effects of toxins to the body

Toxins are substances produced by plants, animals or micro-organisms that are poisonous and have harmful effects on humans. We would be looking at the types of toxins as well as symptoms of toxins in the body

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins both from the outside environment and from within our own tissues, thereby rendering the body susceptible to these harmful effects. These substances can cause a variety of diseases if not eliminated from our body.


Some of the major types of toxins include: Environmental, marine and microbial toxins. Microbial toxins are those produced by bacteria and fungi.

The main environmental toxins include: herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, heavy metals, industrial gases and pollutants.


The various ways by which toxins enter our body are;

  • Absorption by the skin via direct contact with poisonous substances.
  • Inhalation of toxins through the lungs and taken into the blood.
  • Ingestion of food, drink or other substances can also cause toxin buildup in the body.


  1. Constipation: constant feeling of unsatisfactory defecation is one of the signs of toxin buildup in our body. Food we consume also consists of preservatives, colorants and artificial flavorings. This can lead to a buildup of toxic wastes in our body which can cause constipation.
  2. Brain disorders: environmental toxins can impact the brain of a developing child. Some toxins such as mercury, cause cell death and affect cell migration and proliferation. This can lead to serious neurological disorders in children. Also, signs of brain fog such as memory loss, confusion and inability to stay focus can be as a result of irritation caused by exposure to toxins.
  3. Low Energy Levels: Toxin overload in your body can cause your kidneys and liver to work exhaustively in order to eliminate the wastes. Such overwork of the kidneys in turn causes symptoms of fatigue and low energy.
  4. Skin Problems: The skin also removes toxins in your body which the liver and kidney failed to do. Due to toxic overload, your skin might have a hard time eliminating this waste which often leads to acnes, boils and skin rashes.
  5. Impaired Immune System: persistent headaches, muscle aches, strain, tension can all be signs of a weakened immune system due to high level of toxins in your body. This increases the risk of autoimmune diseases, anxiety and depression.
  6. Unsuccessful weight loss: This might be a sign of having excess toxins in your body. Some toxins such as pesticides are lipophilic which means that they could be stored as body fat when not eliminated from the body. This can lead to persistent body fat which is difficult to shed due to overload.


  • Liver overload: Toxins cause diseases when the toxic load is greater than the body can effectively deal with or eliminate. When the liver becomes overloaded with toxins, ability to detoxify becomes impaired, hence, this leads to premature ageing and chronic diseases. This increases the risk of toxic liver disease.
  • Damage to Enzymes: toxins damage enzymes and interrupt several metabolic functions such as production of hemoglobin, protection against oxidative stress and energy production. This increases the risk of various diseases and lowers the body’s capacity to prevent the damage cause by free radicals.
  • Damage DNA and gene expression: Toxins induce their effects by distorting the DNA structure through breakage of hydrogen bonds between two complementary base pairs involved in stabilization of DNA strands. This accelerates the ageing process and increases the risk of chronic disease and degeneration.

  Others harmful effects of toxins include:

  • Damage cell membrane: Healthy cell membranes are vital for messages to pass throughout the body and for substances to move in and out of cells. Toxins can damage cell membranes and hinder normal signaling processes and substance movement. This leads to problems such as messages from vital hormones such as insulin not being passed on, leading to elevated blood sugar. Eventually, chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes results.
  • Autoimmune diseases: There are 3 theories on how toxins contribute to development of autoimmune diseases: the first is that toxins can damage the cells in your body so that your immune system no longer recognizes it and then attacks those cells. Also, toxins can stimulate an immune response, causing chronic inflammation and overwhelming the immune system, it starts to malfunction. Finally, toxins damages the thymus which regulates the immune system and produces cells that differentiate your own tissues from invaders.
  • Organ damage: Toxins can damage the vital organs in the body leading to their malfunctioning, poor health and eventually disease conditions.


Below are effective ways to reduce toxins buildup in the body once you observe these symptoms:

  • Use naturally-made detoxifying products: Consider using a natural supplement that detoxifies your kidney, lungs, colon and lymph while enhancing digestion in the process. We highly recommend Nature’s Field Toxi-Flush to achieve your detoxification goals in a relaxing way, support liver function and strengthen the immune system. This product also don’t contain any harsh stimulant laxative and is easily absorbed by the body.
  • Reduce your intake of sugar and processed foods.
  • Take anti-oxidant rich foods: such as fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts all contain high levels of anti-oxidants.
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Limit alcohol and tobacco intake and exercise more.

Finally, you shouldn’t dismay, just take action!

Toxins can cause a myriad of disease conditions which can be curtailed by taking better care of your body. What better way to do that than to detoxify with Nature’s Field Toxi-Flush. Detoxification helps to increase energy levels, improve mental clarity, promotes healthy and clear skin, balance emotions and help improve mood. Taking care of your body has a huge impact on your general well-being. The healthier you are, the happier you are!


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